How to Easily Change Tax Details in Dynamics GP

I initially wrote this blog in April of 2016 about how to change Tax Details in Dynamics GP. Finally, now there is talk again of the Manitoba government actually fulfilling their promise to lower the provincial sales tax rate back to 7%. Therefore, when this does go through as proposed on July 1, 2019, some of you may need a refresher on how to change your Manitoba PST tax detail percentage in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This will ensure that come July 1 you can be certain that all of your organization’s GP companies will be charging/paying the correct tax percentage.

Change Tax Details in Dynamics GP

You can easily change your tax details in Microsoft Dynamics GP by going to Administration > Setup > Company > Tax Details. You may need a user that has Administrative privileges to do this for you if your user ID is not configured to do so. In that case you may not even see this as a menu option. Select the affected tax details and change the Percentage field from 8% to 7%. Save your changes.

*Note that you will not have to make any change to the Tax Schedules because the tax schedules that are entered on transactions use the settings from the tax details.

In this example below, I have changed a tax detail used on Manitoba sales to 7.00000%.

Screenshot of Tax Details in Dynamics GP

It is as easy as that for changing the percentage.

However, note that after this change, if you have some sales documents that are not printing the correct tax amounts this may be because the form uses a calculated field for tax details and the calculation needs to be changed as well. If you do not have a person onsite to make this update for you please contact Encore Care support at If you would like to speak to us about using Dynamics GP, feel free to connect with us.

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