How to Modify a Report Writer Template in Dynamics GP

Have you ever needed to make a slight modification to a Report Writer template in Dynamics GP? While creating reports from scratch or completely redesigning them can be difficult and painfully time-consuming, making slight changes like removing an unused field or adding a phone number to a Sales Invoice doesn’t have to be.

Using the SOP Blank Invoice Form, I will show you how you can make slight changes. To modify a report, you must be logged in using the ‘sa’ account.

Steps to Modify a Report Writer Template

1. Print the Standard form of your report to screen

2. After the report is displayed on screen, click Modify to open the report in Report Writer

  1. Please note that you will need to have POWER USER level security or be logged in with the ‘sa’ account.

3. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP as the product

4. In this example, let’s remove the Master Number from being displayed on the report

  1. Click on the Master Number field in the Page Header section
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard

5. Next, we will add the Customer Phone number

  1. From the Toolbox on the left, select the Customer Master Address File table. In the menu below, select Phone 1:
  2. Now click and drag the Phone 1 field to the Bill To customer address block

6. To save your changes, close the report and you will be prompted to save

7. Go to File >> Microsoft Dynamics GP to return to the home screen and if you are prompted to save again, click Save

8. Now that we have modified the report, we need make sure that the Alternate Forms/Modified Reports ID is now using the modified report

  1. Go to Tools >> Setup >> System >> Alternate Forms / Modified Reports
  2. Select the ID (usually DEFAULTUSER), product, type, and series
  3. Select the radio button for ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP (modified)’ and then click Save

9. Reprint your report to screen to view your changes

Now that you have the basic idea of how to modify reports, you can repeat this process until you have the information the way you want it.

The examples shown in this blog are simple modifications. If you are looking to add calculated fields or information contained outside of the SOP tables, then I would advise reaching out to Encore for assistance or guidance.

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