Part 2 – How to Plan a Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade

Upgrading has become an important part of a long list in operating a successful business.  Read below about Encore’s 5-point process for a successful GP upgrade. This is Part 2 of a 3 Part blog series on planning a Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade. Read Part 1 here.

Encore’s 5-Point Process for a Successful GP Upgrade

  1. Share and Build the Plan
    By fully understanding your upgrade plan and what the key reasons are for upgrading, we can assist in refining the plan by providing some of our best practices and suggested improvements.
  1. Evaluating and Completing a Prep Form
    Encore’s upgrade prep form reaffirms all details that need to be accounted for when planning an upgrade. If through the upgrade prep form process there are indications that more details should be collected, we may recommend an upgrade analysis to gather more details to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  1. Estimate
    Budgeting for an upgrade is important.  By completing the checklist, Encore can provide you an upgrade estimate which will cover everything from a test upgrade, live upgrade, training, and more based on your upgrade strategy.
  1. Scheduling and Assignment
    Once everything is in order and you’re ready to proceed, your upgrade is sent to our delivery team to be scheduled and assigned to our team of solution specialists.
  1. Execute
    Lastly comes the most exciting part, complete the upgrade!

View the full Upgrade Planning Guide here.

If at any time, you need an expert to help walk through all the options to build out the optimal plan, Encore has the resources to help you, just reach out to

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What Is New in Dynamics GP?

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