How to Process AP Checks in Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this article, I will cover how to process AP checks in Dynamics 365 Business Central, including check printing and voiding.

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How to Process AP Checks

Step 1: Select Bank Payment Type

Begin by navigating to the Payment Journals window from your Business Central home screen, select “Cash Management” and navigate to the “Payment Journals.”

Screenshot in Business Central highlighting "Cash Management" and "Payment Journals".

After your payment entry has been filled and applied against the vendor invoice, make sure to select “Computer Check” in the Bank Payment Type column.

Screnshot in "Payment Journals" highlighting the "Bank Account Type" column populated as "Computer Check".

Step 2: Print Check

To print your check, click on “Check” and “Print Check”

Screenshot in "Payment Journals" highligting "Check" and "Print Check".

In the “Print” window, ensure the correct information is specified in the Bank Account and Last Check No. fields, then click “Print.”

Screenshot in the "Print" window highlight the "Bank Account" field and the "Last Check No." field.

Once your check has been printed, you can post your entry.

How to Void AP Checks

If you need to void a check once the check has been printed, you can do so before or after posting the payment transaction.

Once your check has been printed, the “Check Printed” column will be automatically checked off.

Screenshot of "Payment Journals" window highlighting the "Check Printed" column being checked off.

Void Checks Before Posting

To void a check before posting, click “Check” and “Void Check.” This will void your check and uncheck the “Check Printed” box.

Screenshot of "Payment Journals" window highlighting "Check" and "Void Check".

Void Checks After Posting

To void a check once you have already posted your transaction:

  1. Search “Check Ledger Entries” in Business Central.
  2. Select the entry (printed check) that you want to void.
  3. Click “Void Check” and press OK.
Screenshot in the "Check Ledger Entries" window, highlighting "Void Check".

Set Up for AP Checks

Before entering a Vendor Payment transaction in the “Payment Journal” window, always ensure the correct check layout has been selected. This is very important, and I often see clients miss this step.

To ensure you use the correct check format before printing checks in Business Central, verify that the last check number has been specified in your Bank Account card.

Search “Report Selection – Bank Account” and, in the Usage drop-down list, select “Check.”

Screenshot in the "Report Selection - Bank Account" window highlighting the "Usage" field populated as "Check".

Once you’ve done that, you now need to select the correct Report ID. Click on the Report ID drop-down list and click “Select from full list”.

Screenshot showing the Report ID drop down, highlighting "Select from full list".

Specifying “Check” in the search bar will allow you to view only check related formats.

Screenshot highlighting "Check" in the search option for Report IDs.

Select the correct check format and press OK.

Note: These check formats in Business Central are printed on your check stock. Typically, these formats must be edited to align with your check stock format. To edit check reports in Business Central, please contact us.

Assign Number Series

Once you’ve selected your check format, you must assign a number series to the printed checks. This check number will be shown on checks printed while doing AP transactions.

Begin by searching for “Bank Account” and open the Bank Account Card which will be used to print checks.

Screenshot inside the "Bank Accounts" window, highlighting "CHECKING". Screenshot inside a Bank Account Card, highlighing Posting and the "Last Check No." feild.

You will find the Last Check No. Field under “Posting,” you can specify the correct check number here. Note that this number will increment each time you print a check in Business Central.

Once the correct check format has been selected, and the Last Check No. has been specified in your bank account card, you can move forward with the Vendor Payment transaction.

Tips & Tricks

Watch this short video that provides some valuable tips and tricks to best manage AP Checks in Business Central along with how to address common problems and error messages within the system:

Learn more about useful payments processing functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

If you have questions about payment processing in your Business Central environment, please contact us.

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