How to Recover Hidden Windows

Windows can sometimes open in places that the user cannot see. It is a frustrating issue, as you can see the window on the taskbar, but its location is unknown. This can sometimes happen if a monitor is removed or the screen opens where it was last used (sometimes by someone else using a RDS server).

The easiest way to fix it, regardless of the program, is to:

  • Hover over the start list to see the window you are missing.
  • Right click on the screen image on the title bar.
  • Select move.
  • Now hit an arrow key (This will lock the screen onto the mouse).
  • Move your mouse (do not hit the mouse button) until the screen comes onto the page, and position it where you want.
  • Once positioned so you can see the top border, hit the left mouse button to drop the screen.
  • Resize if required (sometimes required if the resolution of the window doesn’t match your screen resolution).

Try this on a visual screen so you can see how it works on the hidden ones. This is a very convenient tip to know, especially when you run RDS servers.

If the screen is set to full screen on another monitor, you may need to click ‘restore’ before running these steps.

The following video demonstrates how this works:

If you have any questions about your Dynamics solution, please get in touch.

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