How to Set Up Edit in Excel for Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

This post explains how to set up the Edit in Excel add-in for Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS. With this set up, users will be able to use the Edit in Excel function across the system. Edit in Excel allows users to copy and paste data into columns and fields to then import into Dynamics 365 Business Central, rather than manually entering data. This can dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of inputting data into the system. Only users that are part of the organization will be able to use the Edit in Excel functionality.

In order to use the add-in to Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS, the Microsoft Office version should be 2016 or higher. This does not apply to Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise. To enable Edit in Excel for on-premise installations, this requires substantially more effort and may involve customization modifications

I will first explain how to set up Edit in Excel for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, and further on I will explain the set up for Google Chrome.

Set Up Edit in Excel – Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

First, check off ‘Enable DOM Storage’ found in Internet Options, as shown in the following screenshot:

Edit in Excel D365 Business Central - Internet Options

In Microsoft Edge Settings, three toggles must be made in the Cookie and site permissions section. In Cookies and site data, enable “allow sites to save and read cookie data”, “block third-party cookies”, and under Allow add the site to allow it to save cookies on your device:

After that, go ahead and open a new blank Excel workbook. Then go to the Insert tab, and click ‘My Add-ins’:

Edit in Excel D365 BC - My Add-ins

Check if the Microsoft Dynamics Office add-in is already included in ‘My add-ins’ tab:

Edit in Excel D365 BC - Office Add-ins

If it is not added, go ahead and add it or find it in the Microsoft store and click ‘Add’:

Edit in Excel D365 BC - Office Store

Now you can test the Edit in Excel feature by using the function in Business Central where the Edit in Excel option is available:

Edit in Excel in D365 Business Central

When the file in Excel opens, enter your Microsoft Office 365 sign in credentials. Then you will be able to add new records, modify existing records, and delete records.

Edit in Excel D365 BC - Microsoft Credentials

To record changes made in Excel back to Dynamics 365 Business Central, you must publish the file back into Business Central:

Publish to D365 Business Central

Note: as the file exported is the table itself, personalization will not work. The columns information when imported back, however, will be placed in the correct fields.

Set Up Edit in Excel – Google Chrome

To use Edit in Excel through the Google Chrome browser, the steps in Excel will be the same, with a few differences in the browser.

First, in Chrome go to Settings:

Chrome Settings

Then, type “cookies” in the search bar. After the results appear, click the ‘Site Settings’ option:

Chrome Site Settings

Click ‘Cookies’ located below Permissions:

Chrome Cookies

In order to allow Dynamics 365 Business Central Edit in Excel, the user will have to disable ‘Block third-party cookies’ to be able to save and read data:

Chrome Third-party

Now the user will also be able to use Edit in Excel in Google Chrome. The steps within Excel are explained above in the Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge section.

If you have any questions about setting up email in Dynamics 365 Business Central, please contact us!

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