How To Setup Collection Plan Reminders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Save Time & Send Collection Reminders Effortlessly

Sending automated reminders saves time and effectively prompts clients/customers to pay their incoming or past due invoices in a timely manner. Sending these reminders just became much easier for your business with the Accounts Receivable Automation “Collection Plan” window. This organization tool from iSolutions Payments will allow you to select when to send these reminders, customize the email, and choose which customers receive them. Here’s how to do it:

Collection Plan

To setup an automated reminder Collection Plan within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, start by opening the Collection Plan window as shown below.

You can setup as many actions as your business may need. In the first example highlighted below, we are sending a reminder to customers who owe money within the next 5 days. Each step can have its own template letter assigned.


Customer Assignment

To assign the Collection Plan to your customers, select “Assign” and choose which customers this will apply to. Each customer can have one plan assigned to them.


Collection Email

Your customers will receive an email like the one below. It has a convenient “Click to Pay” link. All of the open invoices are also attached individually.


Customer Click to Pay

Your customers will receive an email like the one below. It has a “Click to Pay” link. All of the open invoices are also attached to the email. The client/customer can pay one or more open invoices.


Collection Template Letter

Each action can have its own template letter that can be modified. You can choose which line items to add. See below for possible options.


Staying organized is a crucial part of running a business. With AR Automation, you can make staying organized a little easier, and rest assured that you are sending reminders to your clients/customers effectively. This tool will allow you to choose when to send these reminders, update the email, and decide when you would like customers to receive them. Ask Encore how to keep your business organized with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Collection Management window from iSolutions.

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