Identify Unposted Transactions with Navigation Lists

Finding unposted transactions in Dynamics GP at month or year-end can be a tedious process.  Especially if you have transactions in one batch that span multiple periods.  To help locate these transactions, I am going to show you a way that you can easily identify unposted transactions using a simple Navigation List.

I will be using Payables Management in my example, but remember that you can use these same steps in each of your GP modules.


From the Purchasing Navigation Pane, select the default Payables Transaction Navigation List and wait for it to load.

Unposted Transactions


Once loaded, drop down the list header and select Save As…  Give the list a new name such as ‘Unposted Transactions’.

Unposted Trans2 Unposted Trans3

Once saved, you now have a version of this list that you can modify to suit your needs.  You should see this list saved in your Navigation Pane to use over and over again.

Unposted Trans4


Now that you have a modifiable version of this Navigation List, drop down the list header and select Customize.

Unposted Trans5

Select the expansion arrow next to Columns.

Unposted Trans6

Add the ‘Status’ Column to the Navigation List.

Unposted Trans7


Now that we have a status column, we can add restrictions to this list to only show us documents in ‘Work’ status.  Work status is assigned to transactions that have been saved but not posted.  We can also add a date restriction to only show us ‘Work’ transactions with a Date less than the period we are closing.

Unposted Trans8

From this list, you can select the unposted transactions you would like to post by checking the box on the left side of each row.  Once you have selected the transactions, you can click Post from the Actions menu and your transactions will be posted.

You will receive your posting journals and a status notification of the posting results.

Unposted Trans9

Once this list is setup with the columns and restrictions, be sure to save the list so that you can recall it in each period as part of your closing process.

Unposted Trans10

The posting action from Navigation Lists allows you to post transactions without regard to the Batch Assignment.  If unposted transactions remain in a batch, that batch will remain in the system with those transactions to post at a later time.

Set up these Unposted Transactions lists for each of your GP Modules and use them at the end of each period to identify and post your transactions.  You can use the functionality of Navigation Lists to research and edit transactions before posting.  You should find that this is much quicker than sifting through Batches and Transaction Edit lists to identify what needs to be posted at the end of the period.

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