Information Overload? Try Flipboard

The Internet is a fabulous tool. Never has there been so much data, right at our fingertips. However, having tons of data to go through is meaningless because we do not have the time to sift through it all. This is why RSS feeds are on their way out. RSS requires you to subscribe to a specific page and it pushes data to you only from the page. A new type of product – the social magazine – is gaining popularity. One of the better ones out there is Flipboard. It crawls the web’s multiple sources for you and feeds you the information that you want on your terms. It will even aggregate your social media feeds (like Twitter and Facebook) for you so that you do not need to view those updates in multiple apps. Flipboard is your gateway, putting together all the topics you have flagged as interests and saving you time.

Currently there are only versions for iOS, Android and Windows PC. There are no plans for Flipboard on Windows 8 Phone for now and version 2.0 of the program will run on Blackberry 10 devices.

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