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The Newest Style of Document Management

Here at KwikTag, we are so excited to announce that we now offer document and content management – fully hosted and managed in the cloud!

KwikTag document and content management in the cloud is flexible and powerful enough to manage any document-burdened department – often beginning with finance and other back-office teams. It eliminates the out-of-control flood of email, paper, and electronic documents. KwikTag makes it easy to scan, upload, or drag-and-drop documents into a central repository– and it’s easier than ever for you!

With KwikTag Cloud, all of your business processes will remain essentially the same on the outside. It’s the behind the scenes that’s different. Cloud-based document management means that your platform will be hosted, deployed and managed by KwikTag. All of your data and documents will now be hosted and stored in the cloud, rather than in an on-site server that you maintain.

The system functions exactly the same as KwikTag on-premises, so there is absolutely no inconvenience to current KwikTag users. Same look. Same feel. Same interface. Same process.

So why change? If it all looks the same, why does it matter?

Document and content management in the cloud is modern management. It is now the most efficient way to get information into the hands of your employees. Information will now be accessible from anywhere, at any time. Your team efficiency and collaboration will increase exponentially with the powerful ability to capture and view documents with KwikTag Cloud.

It’s a breeze for your IT team too! No longer will they have to waste their time dealing with data nightmares like hardware issues, data loss, and outdated infrastructure – at least not related to your documents. Menial maintenance tasks, such as upgrades and backups, will ultimately become a thing of the past. You can focus on your core business, while KwikTag manages your documents and content.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

KwikTag document management in the cloud is now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance, and Dynamics GP. It can also be implemented as a standalone solution.

Download the KwikTag Cloud brochure here.

If you’re excited about this information, and want to schedule a demo for you and/or your team, you can do so here.

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