Introduction to the New Up Next Widget in Dynamics 365 Sales

In the 2022 release wave 2 of Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft added a new feature, the Up Next Widget.

The Up Next Widget can help sales professionals perform guided actions and suggest the next steps based on sales sequences. Sequences are sets of steps that outline your sales process, like sending emails, making calls, or scheduling Teams meetings. With the Up Next widget, you have the choice to use predefined sequences or to create personalized sequences that best fit your workflow.

Accessing the Up Next Widget

The Up Next Widget requires Dynamics 365 Sales Premium or Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses. To begin using the Up Next Widget, navigate to the Sales Hub app and look for the Up Next icon that is embedded in default lead, opportunities, contacts, and account forms:

screenshot of sales hub highlighting next up widget

Exploring the Up Next Widget

The Up Next Widget will reveal the next best actions for your records. You can filter these records based on segments, owners, or status to prioritize your efforts effectively.

Performing the Next Best Action

When it’s time to perform an action, select the corresponding button within the widget. For example, if the widget suggests sending an email, click the ‘Send email’ button, and a new email window will pop up, ready with a pre-filled template. You can customize the email as needed and hit send.

screenshot of up next widget indicating email send

Tracking Progress and Staying Updated

Once you’ve completed an action, the widget will automatically update and show you the next step in the sequence. If you want to mark an action as completed or skipped manually, simply click the checkmark or cross icon within the widget.

screenshot of up next widget sequence process

Delving Deeper Into Sequences

For a more detailed view of a specific record’s sequence, click the ‘View sequence’ button within the widget. A new window will open, giving you insights into all the steps in the sequence, their statuses, and due dates. You can also make edits or delete the sequence from this view.

screenshot of sales hub contact summary page highlighting up next sequence details

The Up Next widget is a valuable too to help keep you focused and productive in your sales activities. It helps you follow up with prospects and customers at the right time with the right messages, increasing your chances of closing more deals.

To discover even more about the Up Next widget and other features in Dynamics 365 Sales, check out the official documentation: Up Next Widget Documentation

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