Is Changing GL Mappings in Management Reporter Taking Too Long?

Find that you have too much work changing GLs mappings, and too little time? How many times have you tried voiding the addition new GL accounts so you can save time and effort configuring the new GLs under Management Reporter with GP? Or, how much time do you spend reassuring yourself that none of the GLs are missing from any of your reports.


A Simple Recommendation

Here’s a simple recommendation, look at using “Account Category” in Management Reporter to help with GL mappings. Where is it? After selecting a report from Row Definition, double-click on “Link to Financial Dimensions”. There will be a new window appearing on your screen (see below).

Dimensions 1


Dimensions 2


In the fourth column, you will find an item called “Account Category”.  By double-clicking on the empty cell underneath it and then clicking on “eclipse bottom”, another window appears displaying a list of different categories.

This list directly looks up “category” in Dynamics GP. Any new category that is added you will be able to see under this window in MR (Management Reporter).


How does it help?

You would use this grouping method under Row definition when you are looking to save time from assigning a new GL to current reports.

There are a minimum of three reports to you are required to maintain for any company in which this applies to (the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings). Reports on Trend Analysis or Statement of Cash quickly increase the workload required and maintenance required. Using account category will save you a considerable amount of time in maintaining these reports.

The nice thing is as the “category” field in Microsoft Dynamics GP is already a mandatory field for each GL you will not have to worry about missing a GL in your statements again.


How do we start?

Under GP

First and foremost, ensure “category” under GP contains all the account categories you need.  Then, it will require some time considering what each row under Row Definition in MR you should include.

Generally speaking, it will be much easier to match “category” with each of the rows in the financial statements. GP allows user to change, add, delete, and modify categories if needed.

Once this step is done, ensure all GLs are assigned to its proper Category.  This is something that can easily be done via an Excel sheet with Integration Manager.

Under MR

Once this above part is done, go to “Account Category” (refer to above) and start mapping proper categories to each row. After assigning all the categories, save, then generate the report.



Future maintenance requires minimal effort, provided no new category is created under GP.  Whenever new GLs are created, as long as they are tagged to an existing category (which is already mapped to a row definition) you can generate the report without updating any row definition ever again. Isn’t that great?

Even when a new category is added under GP, it is a simple and quick step to assign the new category to a row through the account category

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