Key Facts App for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you ever need to find additional information related to a document that you are looking at in Dynamics 365 Business Central? Our free Key Facts app puts that information right at your fingertips by adding fact boxes with links to related documents on many of the most commonly used pages.

Check out the Key Facts app in Microsoft AppSource

After looking up a Posted Sales Invoice in Business Central, you may have a need to see information on related documents. The Key Facts app adds links to G/L Entries, Customer Ledger Entries, Cost Entries and more. The Fact Box will show you how many related documents there are of each type of entry, and if you click on the number you will be taken to the related documents and see the information that you need.

The Key Facts Navigate Fact Box is available on list pages and document pages. On a list page if you highlight one of the documents in the list, the Navigate fact box will be populated with the information related to that specific document. When you open the document page, you will only see information related to that document.

Some of the pages where the Fact Box can be found include:

General Ledger Entries Customer Ledger Entries Vendor Ledger Entries
Posted Sales Invoices Posted Sales Invoice Posted Return Receipts
Posted Sales Credit Memos Posted Sales Credit Memo Posted Service Shipments
Posted Service Shipment Posted Service Invoice Posted Service Credit Memos
Posted Service Credit Memo Issued Reminder List Issued Reminder
Issued Fin. Charge Memo Posted Purchase Receipts Posted Purchase Receipt
Posted Purchase Invoices Posted Purchase Invoice Posted Return Shipment

There are many more pages where the Fact Box can be found, which makes the information you need available quickly and easily, all in a free add-on.

Take a look at Key Facts on AppSource, once you download and install the app, this information will be available to you instantly within Business Central. Please contact us if you have any questions about using this app with Business Central.


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