Dynamics Modules – What Do Your Keys Unlock?

If you can remember when these products were called Great Plains (now called Microsoft Dynamics GP) and Navision (now called Microsoft Dynamics NAV) then you should also remember that you once paid a pretty price for the modules you ‘needed’ to run your business.

In many cases, additional functionality would have improved productivity but the modules were considered price prohibitive. As a Dynamics GP user, you decided to continue issuing cheques to vendors rather than opting for the convenience of Electronic Funds Transfer; the monthly accrual and reconciliation entries continued to be done manually because you couldn’t justify the cost of the Revenue and Expense Deferral module and there was no way you would even consider the Payroll and Human Resource modules because cost depended on the number of employees you had.

Well – that has all changed! Technically (if you renewed your annual enhancement plan) you have the right to access all of this functionality and MUCH MORE by upgrading to the latest version of the software. That’s right, you don’t need to buy modules anymore. You just need to upgrade and your software registration keys unlock a myriad of functionality.

You may be surprised what you now hold the keys to. Check out the list of functionality you get with Dynamics GP 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013.

GP 2013 Capability Guide


NAV 2013 Capabilities Guide

Please note: Be sure to consult with an Encore representative before activating any new software in your production environment.

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