How to Link an Account Segment to Inventory Site ID in Dynamics GP


I want to show you guys how you can link the site ID in inventory to a division or a segment in your GL account. In my sample company, the segment is division. You guys might call it something else.

The first thing I wanna show you is under Cards, Inventory, Site. I’m gonna pick the Work Center 1 site. And I’ve linked it to my Division 700. Then if I go to Work Center 2, I’m linking that to my Division 800. Work center 3, I linked it to my Division 900.

Where I pick which segment to choose from that my site idea is related to, is under the Inventory setup window. If I go to Tools, Setup, Inventory, Inventory Control, that’s where this is coming from. Segment ID for sites in my case is Division.

The next thing I wanna show you is, how can we use that? The example I’m gonna show you is under a Sales Transaction. And I’m just gonna enter an invoice. I actually have one already set up. This transaction has three separate items on it.

All three of these items are being purchased from different site IDs. The first one, if I expand the details, is coming from Work Center 1. The second one, 128 SDRAM is coming from Work Center 2. My last item is coming from Work Center 3.

If I drill down on the item details of this third line here, and then click on Distributions, I can see that my account, the Division has already changed to site 900 or Division 900, which is Work Center 3. The system is automatically changing that because on the Item card where this item is set up, the account is actually 000-4100 for Sales. It’s automatically changing that first segment, which is my Division, to match what we set up under the site ID.

That’s very helpful when you want to split out your sales by site ID or even your inventory accounts by site ID. This will work on the purchasing side as well. When you’re purchasing the item into inventory, it can automatically change that division or site in your GL.

If I print an edit list of this batch, I’ll just show you what that looks like. I’ll print it to screen. I’m just going to expand this report. You can see that the accounts down here 700, 800, and 900 are automatically created or changed based on the default account.

I hope that little functionality is helpful for you. Thank you.

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