Logging off Correctly in Dynamics GP

With the move to the cloud, we are seeing more terminal server type access points to Dynamics GP systems.  With this comes a multitude of stranded users, since they are assuming that closing the window closes all programs.  However, when GP is not closed correctly or if the cloud is not closed down correctly, it can cause many problems with stranded users, taxed resources, and delays when running maintenance. It can prove to be quite costly and can also open a security breach!

Follow these steps to ensure you are logging off correctly:

A. Log out of GP

Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu item > select Exit.

Note: When working on terminal server or in the Cloud, it is not recommended to click the X in the top right, as it is very easy to close the wrong thing.

B. Log out of the Cloud/Terminal Server

Once GP is completely closed, then log out of the cloud or terminal server.

Right click the Windows icon > select Shut down or sign out > Sign out.

Note:  this might look a little different depending on your system setups.

Note:  DO NOT close the cloud/terminal server by clicking the X on the header. This will leave users stranded.  And if you have also not closed GP correctly, it will also leave a stranded GP user.

Shortcut:  In some systems you can click Alt + F4 which will bring up a Shut Down Windows form.  Ensure you have selected Sign Out before clicking OK.

Not closing your system correctly can cause many issues like lost data and slow systems.  Ensure you are doing your part by closing your windows down correctly! If you have any questions about Dynamics GP, please contact us.

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