Making Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll Pay Increases ‘Easy’

Today, I’d like to touch on a workaround that we created to make pay increases much easier in Dynamics GP. It might be well known that Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll cannot link income pay codes (such as Overtime, Double Time, Statutory Holidays, etc.) to an employee’s base income pay code by a factor (US Payroll can though).

This naturally means that when an employee gets a pay rise, not only is his or her base pay code need to be updated (ie. Regular Pay), all associated pay codes need to be manually updated. Here’s an example to make this clear:

For example, JOE123 gets paid an hourly rate of $10/hr, and also gets paid Overtime (OT), Double Time (DT), Statutory Holiday (STAT), Vacation Pay (VAC), and Sick Pay (SICK)

  • REG = $10
  • OT = $15
  • DT = $20
  • STAT = $10
  • VAC = $10
  • SICK = $10

If JOE123 gets a pay rise to $12, each of his income paycode will need to be updated in the Employee Card Paycodes window as follows:

  • REG = $12
  • OT = $18
  • DT = $24
  • STAT = $12
  • VAC = $12
  • SICK = $12

As you can see, this can be a lot of work, and not to mention very error prone. Especially in a situation when you have more than fifty employees on your payroll.

Well, how can we make this easier? Well due to many requests from our Dynamics GP Canadian payroll clients we have developed a solution to ‘ease’ this situation; it is called the PayCode Mass Update Modification.

The PayCode Mass Update Setup window allows you to attach ‘associated’ income paycodes to a ‘base’ paycode.  In the example below, OT, SICK and VAC are attached to the REG base paycode.

Payroll screenshot


The PayCode Mass Update Utility is the window to mass update pay rates. You can filter based on Employee, Position, Class, or Department.

Paycode Mass Update Screen Two

Or filter on just the base pay code to find all employees that match.

Down below, you will see all employees with the matching base paycode, along with all the associated paycodes.

Just typing in the New Rate for the REG Paycode, will automatically calculate and populate the associated paycode’s New Rates.

Then click ‘Commit’ to automatically update the employee paycodes.

Additionally this modification also has the ability to mass update Vacation Pay percentages very quickly across multiple employees (see Vacation % option under the Process section in the screenshot above.)

We’ve found this modification has proven to be a very flexible and easy to use program and save our clients hours of tedious work manually updating all paycodes against each employee.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at

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