Management Reporter 2012 – Incredible improvements make your ERP experience way better!

Have you seen it?  WOW!  The New Management Reporter 2012 has been improved to make your user experience way better!

Here are a few of the awesome new features in Management Reporter 2012 (MR12).  Plan your upgrade soon.  For those of you still on FRx, remember that its end-of-life is Oct 9, 2012.  Start making plans now to ensure that your financial reports are converted.

  • YES, Management Reporter 2012 works with GP 2010!  No need to wait for your GP 2013 upgrade!
  • YES, Management Reporter installs very easily and very quickly!  (Not like a service pack or upgrade!)
  • Missing Account has a new window!  A very comprehensive window gives you different views of what is missing.  If you add an account to your Chart of Accounts, it tells you which reports will require this addition.  Very Smart!


•   Rolling Quarters Actual and Budget headers can be added with the 1 to BASE and BASE+1 to ? format.

•   Report groups are now listed in your Navigation pane making them easier to access and maintain.  You can now add that Report Group to a schedule and GENERATE these reports AUTOMATICALLY at a predefined time (like in the middle of the night)!  THAT IS WAY COOL!

•   New Ribbon Pane offers easy access to previous functions and really great new functions.

  • Users can print and publish reports from the Viewer with easily accessible icons!  Users can also choose how they want to view their reports!
  • Excel
  • XPS
  • Printer
  • E-MAIL!
  • Charts can be created from data in your reports and copied into another report!



  • What’s my favorite new feature?  In the drilldown viewer, you can add comments at the Financial, Account or Transaction level for interactive reporting with other managers!



  • Do you know what this is?  Drill right into Dynamics GP Inquiry window.
  • Easier access to navigate the report.
  • Navigation buttons to move from page to page.



  • Management Reporter AUTOMATICALLY creates Quick Links to all Headers, totals and calculated rows.


  • There is also a Find field to find text or numbers in a report.

Are you as psyched about Management reporter 2012 as I am? I hope so!

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