Why is Management Reporter Better than FRx in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Management Reporter is the replacement for the FRx reporting tool within Dynamics GP.  Now that it’s included in the cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you get an unlimited number of users for this tool.  And what a great tool it is!  After working with it for a while and hearing the feedback of others, we’ve found a number Management Reporter’s features to be particularly useful; especially when compared to FRx:

  • It’s easy to create Management Reporter reports

There’s no fuss once you’ve learnt the basics.    It’s great that there is no need to be confronted by a mass of advanced options or calculations at set up.  (But you can, if you want that extra control!)

  • Management Reporter integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP

This product is made with your server in mind, including its own SQL database.  Your reports and companies are managed by Management Reporter in the database similarly to GP.

  • Use a familiar interface when creating Management Reporter reports

This is a common benefit of using Microsoft Dynamics products: the look and feel isn’t too different from Word or Excel.  Not so much with FRx.  This familiar interface makes Management Reporter that much easier to use and learn.

  • Easier sharing of Management Reporter reports

There are two great features that enable this.  One is the ability to generate the report directly into a shared folder.  Once shared, these reports can now be viewed in a web browser.  Previously, the user needed to install separate software and have a GP or Management Reporter licence.

  • Security controls

Management Reporter Security settings allow you define who’s allowed to see a report and who isn’t.  This helps you create private reports that you don’t have to worry about being seen by unauthorized parties.

  • The Missing Accounts Analysis tool

This awesome tool lets the report’s creator to see which building block(s) are missing the accounts they need at any time.  From this window, the mistake is easily corrected.

There are other great advantages to Management Reporter I love, including the ability to add your logo to reports, the ability to indent information in reports (finally!) and the ability to make comments that explain additional information about the data contained within your report.

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