Managing Your Workflow with SalesPad – Because Not All Processes Are Created Equal

In a perfect world, your sales orders slide with ease from order entry directly into the hands of your accounting team. Your customers pay their balances in a timely manner. Your items are always in stock. You only have customers ordering cataloged items. You only have one order type and all of your orders are generated from the same place. Your sales team always quotes price with your company’s desired margins in mind.  Well, if this doesn’t sound like your company, you are not alone. Chances are, you are like most other companies with a process that doesn’t follow a straight line. SalesPad, a Dynamics GP add-on, can help.

Every company has a process that their documents need to follow. SalesPad’s built in workflow gives users the opportunity to predefine the steps that a document will travel during the sales process. Additionally, workflow allows the user to create business rule conditions that can be evaluated at each stage of the process.  If a business condition is met, SalesPad workflow will place a hold on the document and divert it to the desired queue for review.

 SalesPad Monitor

You may be asking yourself at this point “How could my business incorporate workflow?” Here are just a few real life examples of scenarios where workflow rule conditions may apply:

  • Is the profit margin percentage above your desired threshold for each line item and/or for the entire document?
  • Are there any backordered items?
  • Does the order contain any drop shipped items?
  • Does the customer have credit issues?
  • Is the order above the credit limit for the customer?
  • Is it a new customer?
  • Do any of the items need management approval prior to being shipped?

Each of these conditions can result in a hold being place and reroute the document to the appropriate queue.  These queues are managed in SalesPad’s Sales Monitor module. Sales Monitor allows the user to view the appropriate queues based on their role. For example, if you are the purchasing manager you may view the “Back Order” queue to determine what items need purchasing.

It is important to note that process holds are not a requirement to your workflow. If your business needs do not require process holds then your document will flow seamlessly to its next stage.

If you would like more information about SalesPad or would like to see a personalized demonstration, please contact your Encore Business Solutions representative.


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