Mass Update Tax Schedule ID for Vendors via SQL | Dynamics GP

Sometimes, in Dynamics GP, we need to update the Tax Schedule ID on vendors from one to another. For example, we want to replace Tax Schedule ID from GST to GST-SUPPLIER for all the vendors.

Once the new tax schedule is created in Dynamics GP, manually changing them for all the vendors is a tedious process. So instead, we can run scripts to update the link from vendor to new tax schedule ID.

For this process we need to update 2 tables: PM00200 and PM00300.

Usually, to update data in vendor master, PM00200 is enough. On updating the PM00200 table, the Vendor Maintenance window in Dynamics GP will show the Tax Schedule ID as updated. However, when you create a transaction with this vendor, it will still pull the old one because it gets picked from PM00300 table. We must make sure to update both the tables.

Below are the scripts to be used. Run these in test company first and take a backup before running them in production. Also, make sure the new Tax Schedule is created in Dynamics GP.


For more details on this process inĀ Dynamics GP, pleaseĀ contact the Encore team.

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