Microsoft Annual Maintenance Renewal – FAQs

1. What is this annual maintenance & support plan we pay for each year?

As part of your Microsoft Dynamics solution investment, enrolling in a service plan is critical to your business success. The annual renewal is a plan offered by Microsoft, and it provides many benefits and ensures that you are receiving the most value out of your solution. Microsoft offers different plan options, depending on the Dynamics product line edition.

  1. The Business Ready Enhancement Plan
  2. The Advantage Plan*
  3. The Advantage Plus Plan

*The Advantage Plan is only available for Dynamics GP and CRM.

2. What are some of the benefits of the Microsoft renewal and what does it include?

Maximizing Value:

  • Access to the latest version releases, new features and capabilities
  • Updates, including service packs and product fixes

Protecting Investment:

  • 10-year software support lifecycle (5 year mainstream and 5 year extended support)
  • Tax updates, regulatory releases and future license purchases
  • Protected List Price; renewal price is based on original purchase price, providing price protection for renewals and future Dynamics purchases, giving predictability into future investments
  • Transition Investment Credit; flexibility to move to another solution – credit for amount paid with the previous Dynamics solution toward the license of a new Dynamics solution

Improving Productivity:

  • Take advantage of CustomerSource, a portal for Dynamics customers as a one-stop access to the Enhancement Plan benefits, along with time and money-saving information:
  • Online training, downloadable materials & learning plans
  • Self-help and support tools, along with access to KnowledgeBase
  • Up-to-date information on Dynamics products and news
  • Product downloads, installation guides, technical documents, etc.
  • Dynamics community – connect with peers to exchange ideas, ask questions and discuss solutions

3. Does the Plan include Microsoft support?

  • The Advantage Plan for Dynamics GP and CRM includes 6 support incidents from Microsoft
  • The Advantage Plus Plan includes an unlimited number of support incidents from Microsoft and 24×7 support for severity A cases

Note: The above mentioned support is available by contacting Microsoft directly (typically via email).

4. Does the renewal include Encore hours for support or consulting?

The annual renewal does not include any consulting work or support hours from Encore. Payment of the Microsoft renewal is simply coordinated by Encore (the partner). You do have the option of signing up for an Encore Care Contract,  which is a pre-paid block of support hours for 1 year with Encore. This Care package provides you with a lower support rate, quicker response time, the ability to better budget for the year, and more:

5. What are the risks or disadvantages of NOT renewing?

Penalties will apply if the renewal payment occurs after the annual expiry date:

  • Loss of Protected System List Price
  • Pay current renewal pricing, plus additional 3% penalty per day for the lapsed period of time, plus pay for the future year of the Enhancement Plan
  • Customers must be enrolled in a renewal plan to purchase additional users or modules

Other significant impacts of not renewing with Microsoft:

  • No access to the product upgrades, service packs and product fixes
  • No support from Microsoft
  • No access to CustomerSource, online training, support tools, KnowledgeBase, etc.

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