Bridge to the Cloud Promotion for Microsoft Dynamics

The Bridge to the Cloud promotion is a multi-year path that can help you transition from your on-premises deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, or Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central online.

Bridge to the Cloud includes discounted licenses as well as dual-access rights for your existing on-premises ERP and your new cloud ERP.

Some of the rules for the promotion are different in the new version available starting in 2023, called Bridge to the Cloud 2. I’ll focus on Bridge to the Cloud 2 in this article, so you get the most up-to-date info.

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Microsoft’s Vision for Business Systems in the Cloud

It is no secret that Microsoft is invested in the cloud. They see it as the most efficient way for organizations to utilize business systems, and they have put literally billions of dollars into the development of their Azure cloud platform. Microsoft’s Azure cloud is built for high security, high performance, and high reliability.

As Azure and Dynamics 365 have grown over time, Encore has helped many companies transition from on-premises to cloud business systems.

Compared to the increased dependability of the Azure cloud and the Dynamics 365 solutions built on it, if you are still managing your business systems (e.g., ERP, CRM, Office) on-premises, then your company could be at a greater risk of loss due to any type of business disruption such as natural disaster, ransomware, phishing, hacking, and even corporate espionage.

Fortunately, Microsoft has a plan to move you to the cloud, and if you are a Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, or Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises customer, then you can take advantage of the Bridge to the Cloud licensing promotion.

How Much Does Bridge to the Cloud Cost?

The cost of Bridge to the Cloud is equal to the customer’s already established Enhancement Plan renewal amount. However, this promotion allows an option for the Enhancement Plan renewal amount to be spread out through monthly payments.

What Are the License Discounts with This Promotion?

Customers on Bridge to the Cloud 2 receive a 40% discount on Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses as compared to the standard commercial list price.

Note that there are minimum numbers of Business Central licenses to purchase depending on your annual Enhancement Plan renewal amount. Ask your Partner to help you determine the details and price it out with you. If Encore is already your Partner, reach out to your Encore Account Manager.

How Do Dual-Access Rights Work?

Dual-access rights mean that when you purchase your Business Central licenses, you also receive continued access to your current ERP solution. So you can continue to use your current solution even while you explore, implement, and train your staff on your new solution.

Who Is Eligible for This Promotion?

Existing Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises customers are eligible for this promotion. Customers need to be active on their Enhancement Plan or have lapsed less than 30 days prior to enrollment. Microsoft has structured it so that you can only take advantage of it on your annual maintenance renewal date.

How Long Is Bridge to the Cloud Available?

Bridge to the Cloud 2 is available from February 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024.

Customers who sign-up for Bridge to the Cloud 2 commit to a three-year term. Beyond that point, normal pricing begins.

How Do You Sign Up for This Promotion?

Contact your Dynamics Partner to discuss whether this promotion is a good fit for you.

Is Bridge to the Cloud the Same as the CSP-EP Offer?

No, the promotion is not the same. It is similar to the CSP-EP offer, but the “Bridge” promotion is a one-way transition to the Cloud, and customers will fully migrate to Business Central online at or before the end of the three year term.

Can You Transfer from CSP-EP to Bridge to the Cloud?

No, customers cannot transfer from prior promotions to Bridge to the Cloud 2.

Further Resources

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If you have any questions about the Bridge to the Cloud offer, or want to discuss your business technology plans more broadly, please contact us.

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