Microsoft Connect – Submit Your Suggestion in 6 Steps

You may not be aware, but Microsoft actually gets most of its Dynamics product improvements from you – the end user.  They use information submitted on the Microsoft Connect website to help determine what new features need to be added as well as what bugs need to be fixed. This means you can share all your great suggestions with Microsoft and vote on other good ideas that have been posted on the site.

Submitting your idea is easy.

  • Enter your Windows Live ID credentials (this will likely be the same as your CustomerSource login) or sign up for a Windows Live ID if you need to.
  • Once you have logged in, you will need to join the appropriate product groups you would like to give feedback on.  Click on the Product directory and search ‘Dynamics’ to find the groups available for Dynamics.


  • Once you’ve joined a group, you will be sent to the Product Home Page.
  • Before you submit your idea you may want to search existing suggestions to make sure you aren’t suggesting an idea that has already been submitted. To search, simply click on the Search Existing button.  You can either look specifically for your suggestion through the search feature at the top of the page or browse all the suggestions.
  • If you don’t see yours, click on the “Submit Feedback” button at the top of the page and simply fill out the information to submit your own improvement.

Once you’ve submitted an idea, let your colleagues know so they can add their votes.

While you’re on the Microsoft Connect site, take a few minutes to browse the other suggestions and vote on improvements you would like to see added!

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May. 21
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