Microsoft Convergence – an Opportunity to Learn or a Junket?

If you are an Encore client, you know that we actively promote events where content is focused around the solutions we represent and you’ll also know the premier Microsoft customer event known as Convergence is one of our perennial favorites. But is it an exceptional opportunity to learn or simply a junket?

There are several definitions of a junket, but in the context presented, the most applicable one is “a trip or meeting that people say is for business but is really for pleasure”.

Organizers of any conference work tirelessly to plan the event, making sure the content is relevant, that speakers are professional, the venue is accessible, food options are available, etc. They would take great exception to having their event referred to as a junket.

So how does Convergence stack up?

Companies invest huge amounts of time and money in technology and systems to run their business. These are extremely valuable assets which if disrupted or lost completely could prove devastating. What better investment can you possibly make than to LEARN more about how to protect and better leverage that investment?  Today, you need to be in a perpetual state of learning, of taking in all the new information coming your way and using it to increase your understanding so you’re better positioned for success.

Microsoft does an exceptional job of coordinating this event. The content  is designed to help customers make informed business decisions. Attendees are granted access to technology experts through hundreds of sessions, interactive discussions, and exhibitors on the expo floor and in some cases the folks who have developed the software are available to answer questions in person.

Encore believes Convergence is an extremely valuable networking and learning event . If you decide to invest in this conference, Encore’s goal is to guide you through the experience and direct you to the sessions and exhibitors that are relevant to achieving your business objectives.  Convergence is all about sharing information; where curious people are networking, eager to learn and contributing ideas.

In our opinion, there is only one way a coveted trip to Convergence turns into a junket….if you’ve sent the wrong people to the event; if you’ve sent people who aren’t acting in the best interest of your organization. Choose your attendees wisely and the value of the learning and networking will last long after the event is over.

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