Is Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner Talent-Gated?

Years ago, it was common practice for business owners to invest in systems with a kind of “set it and forget it” mentality. Once the software was configured to the business processes at the time of implementation, it might be years before an upgrade would be considered. This made it relatively easy for solution service providers (ie: partners/resellers) to support the application for years because there were no new features, functionality or technology being introduced.

It’s not like that anymore! Microsoft, for example, is introducing new technology and adding new features to the Dynamics ERP solutions at an unprecedented pace; approximately every 6 months. Companies already using a Dynamics ERP solution like GP, NAV or AX or those who are evaluating the investment in one of these solutions, now have the opportunity to adopt and benefit from the continuous flow of feature enhancements and new functionality.

Solutions are increasingly integrated and flexible, which can pose more of a threat then an opportunity for users who aren’t properly guided through the process.  Upgrading some applications may result in compatibility issues and troubleshooting is more challenging than it ever has been. You want to rely on a service provider who is keeping pace with the changes, attaining current solution certifications and is able to leverage subject matter experts when problem resolution is elusive.

Not too terribly long ago a well-trained or experienced solution consultant could install, implement, train and support an ERP environment with relatively little technical ability. Today, individual consultants can’t possibly “know it all”.  If your service provider has a small team, appears to be too busy to take your calls and is taking longer and longer to resolve your issues, chances are you’ve tapped out their talent pool for your ERP solution and they don’t have access to resources they can escalate problems to.

You should expect more value from a Microsoft Gold Certified service provider who has a team of resources with expertise across various technologies and a network of strategic partners to call upon when necessary.


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