Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll: Emailing Direct Deposit Slips Securely

Messenger® Direct Deposit (DD) adds true workflow to the distribution of Direct Deposit Statements in Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll. This add-on automatically e-mail & archive these forms with no additional hardware or user intervention.

 Automate the Distribution of Direct Deposit Statements 

Print with Messenger DD’s print driver through your normal print procedure and automatically distribute & archive your forms.

Store and Manage Employee Preferences by Document

Messenger DD stores employee preferences (e-mail or print) and document passwords if desired. See screenshot below.

Auto-Archive Documents

Messenger DD’s auto-archiving provides the ability to easily reprint and retrieve documents at any time.

Provide Security with Password Protected PDFs

Encrypting documents ensures delivery in a secure manner. Use a password stored in your solution or store it in Messenger DD’s employee preferences.

Decrease Costs Associated With Manual Distribution

Eliminate the time to manually e-mail documents. Decrease labour costs associated with folding & stuffing envelopes. Eliminate envelope costs along with the ever increasing cost of postage.


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