Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Release – Update

With yesterday’s release of Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, I made it today’s mission to learn as much as I could about the functionality in this new release (tomorrow’s mission will be about Azure and Office 365).

We knew going into today that there were improvements made to Cash Management and indeed there were quite a few changes. I furiously took notes while trying to understand the thick Danish accent of the presenter so bear in mind that these new features need some… validation to make sure I got them right. Here are the highlights in points form with some colour commentary.

Cash Management includes at least these three high level areas

·         Electronic Bank Reconciliation Module (I guess we won’t be selling our eBank Rec module anymore)

·         A new Payment Registration Window (to streamline the traditional Cash Receipts process)

·         A new Vendor Payments Window (to improve on the Payment Journal process)

·         Account Schedules and KPI Webservices (not really cash management but they showed it during the session)


Electronic Bank Reconciliation

I got to the session late as they were wrapping up Bank Reconciliation so the details are lacking, nevertheless, here they are;

·         The Bank Reconciliation screen have been completely redesigned to better layout the data for the user.

·         Graphical cues – values highlighted in Green indicate matches.

·         Configurable Mapping Tool to enable the end users to map to any bank’s file format


Payment Register

·         Enter payment amount, with tolerance levels, and it will automatically match outstanding Sales documents.

·         Make all types of adjustments on the fly (Payments Discounts, Finance Charges)

·         Post a Lump sum payment to multiple sales documents


Vendors Payments

·         Now allows you to type a message to the recipient in each payment as part of the file to the bank

·         Function to “Re-number Document Numbers” I hope that is a global change to all posting windows

·         If there are errors with the posting is keeps the error in a Fact Box on the side, instead of a pop up, so that you don’t have to lose the error message while you trouble shoot. I hope that’s a global change as well.

·         New Credit Transfer Registration Ledger Entries to show all the Payment instances and drill to the details of the payment.


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