Microsoft Dynamics Users and Partners Come Together to Elevate Their Game at Summit 2013

Microsoft Dynamics partners and end users gathered in Tampa this morning to listen to Tony Dungy, former NFL coach and opening keynote speaker, at the Dynamics GP, AX, NAV and CRM Summit 2013. In front of a crowd of over 3000 registrants Tony shared many business and personal fulfillment insights.

Tony’s message was packed with valuable teachings and takeaways that we can apply immediately to our daily interactions and engagements with our team members, family members, customers, vendors, community members etc.

  • Set expectations. Execute without excuses.
  • The role of a leader is to help the team play better and our community to be better.
  • You need to know your team well. What does each individual team member need? What will help them excel and succeed? Is it praise, mentoring or training?
  • The key to winning doesn’t come from stocking your team with the ‘best’ players. What you need, what’s critical, is to be able to do the ordinary things that you do better than everybody else to win.
  • Great things are possible if you are open to asking yourself, ‘what can I do now, where I am today, in the role I fill today to have an impact’.

Dynamic Communities certainly kicked off this year’s event with a bang – right in line with the theme of the conference, elevate. Elevate your knowledge, elevate your team, elevate your greatness and elevate the good and the success in others. There’s no doubt that everyone in attendance left the opening keynote feeling inspired and the know how to do better and simply be better.


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