The Transition Investment Credit: Protect Your Investment in Dynamics

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Everybody these days is looking for a supportive partner. No, I’m not talking about marriage! I mean in the exciting world of business!

It’s so hard to keep track of a growing company these days. Unfortunately, in the beginning stages of business planning, not every CEO or entrepreneur knows exactly what they will need to run a successful business, or exactly when they are going to need it. Many people who choose to start a business have to “feel it out” for the first little while. They monitor what the numbers look like now, and estimate what the future should look like for the next few years.

Then suddenly the next thing you know, things aren’t going how you predicted. Your company grew quicker than you thought, and your original growth plans seem to have gone out the window! Now what do you do? You invested so much time and money into your company; you planned everything out just right. Now you have an accounting program that’s too small for your business, and suddenly you need the software to do things you never thought you’d need (at least not so soon)! You thought your company wouldn’t be booming for another couple of years, and that you would have a bit more time to plan and budget!

Encore: Supporting You Through Change and Long-Term Growth

Luckily for you, you chose Encore as your Value Added Reseller! Don’t panic! We’ve got your back!

Did you know that Encore has something called a Transition Investment Credit? It’s this awesome initiative that allows you the flexibility of moving to another Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution such as Dynamics NAV or Dynamics AX while protecting your original investment! This is so you’re not restricted to a piece of software that’s no longer helpful when your business changes or grows.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you own Microsoft Dynamics GP. But you’ve grown like crazy over the past five years; and Dynamics NAV is starting to look like a better fit. When you decide to switch to Dynamics NAV, all the money you spent on your Dynamics GP licenses is discounted from your Dynamics NAV purchase.

Encore supports its customers throughout the whole business planning process, and throughout the business lifecycle. We know the business planning process can sometimes be a difficult one, and things rarely go as planned! Hopefully, you can relax a little bit knowing that the money invested into your current Dynamics product will never be lost! This allows you to make decisions based on what is best for your company, without having to worry about losing your current investment!

Not a new or growing business? Don’t worry! Encore’s Transition Investment Credit supports ANY company that decides they need to switch to something that may be a better fit for their business!

As a company and business partner, we want nothing more than to see your business thrive and grow exactly like you dreamed it would – so leave the complicated accounting software thing up to us! You won’t be disappointed you did.

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