Multicurrency in Dynamics GP

There are a lot of things to think about when doing Multicurrency in Dynamics GP.  During these recorded webinars, find out how to setup multicurrency in GP, how to setup revaluations, currency, and rates, and about balancing at month end.

Multicurrency Usage and Advanced Revaluations

In this recorded webinar below, find out how to use multicurrency in GP, and what the requirements are to revalue the accounts. Also learn about realized vs unrealized gains and losses in revaluations, and how to setup revaluations by GL codes and documents in AR/AP.

Topics discussed during this session include:

  • Introduction and Agenda – 0:03
  •  Multicurrency – 2:37
    • Multicurrency Setup
    • Currency Types
    • Assigning Accounts
    • Allowing Rate Changes
  • Revaluation of Accounts – 26:13
    • Setup Revaluation
    • Issues to Watch For
  • Q&A – 29:40

Dynamics GP Multicurrency

In this recorded webinar below, learn how to setup currency, rates, and revaluation. We discuss realized vs. unrealized gains and losses, show how to do setup runs for subledgers and cash, and balancing at month end.

Topics discussed during this session include:

  • Introduction and Agenda – 0:50
  • Multicurrency – 2:40
    • Currency Setup
    • Rate Setups
    • Accounts by Currency
    • Financial Defaults
  • Revaluation – 11:30
    • Setup
    • Realized vs Unrealized
    • Setup of Runs for
      • Subledgers
      • Cash
    • Monthly balancing
  • Q&A – 26:30

The intended audience for these videos is existing Dynamics GP users.

Contact us if you have any questions about Multicurrency in Dynamics GP.

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