New Feature Added to Encore’s ePayStub!

Encore’s ePayStub module for Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Canadian Payroll has a great new feature!

As frequently asked for by ePayStub customers – the Encore Products team has heard and delivered. The new Employee Email Importer feature will allow ePayStub users the ability to add or update employee email addresses and/or email authorizations en masse.

In the new ePayStub Employee Email Importer window, the user can either do an Import from File or Manual Update to add or update an email address and/or mark and unmark the Email Authorization checkboxes.

Import from File


Just like the other Encore Product importers (e.g. Subscription Billing, Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics), users can create a new Import Setup ID to be able to use different file types (i.e. Comma or Tab delimited, Fixed Width) and then map the import fields based on what is available in the import file or vice versa:


The user can then click on Preview to display and make any final edits on the window before importing the information from the import file:

Manual Update

With this update type, users have the option to load the existing ePayStub employee email maintenance records or include all Canadian Payroll Employee records into the Preview window, make the necessary edits and then Process to commit the changes:

If you want to learn more about this cool new feature or for more information on ePayStub for Canadian Payroll, a quick quote, or anything else Encore Products related, please email us and we would be more than happy to assist you!


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