New Feature | Project Tracking Assigned Accounts

We are pleased to introduce an exciting new feature in our Dynamics GP add-on, Project Tracking!

For GP2015 to GP2018 you can now set up GL account assignment rules for Project Tracking distributions. With this feature you can specify if the GL account is required to have Project Tracking distributions, or if it should not have any Project Tracking distributions.

When Project Tracking is first set up, by default this feature is not enabled. You can enable this option in the Project Tracking Setup window. Once enabled you can then open the Assigned Accounts window either by zooming in from the Project Tracking Setup window or from the Cards Pane for the Project Tracking menu.

If an account is set to Full Dist, then Project Tracking distributions must be assigned to the transaction for that GL before you can post the transaction.

If an account is set to No Dist, then no Project Tracking distributions can be created for the Account for any Transaction.

If an account is set to Reg Dist, then Project Tracking distributions are not required to be used, but can be assigned. This is the default setting.

Further details regarding this feature can be found in the Build Notes available online on the Project Tracking product page.

If you have any additional questions regarding any of the great add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP that Encore has developed, feel free to reach out to me directly or call 204-235-2311 (Direct) or email us.

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