3 New Features for Sales Teams in Dynamics 365 CRM Wave 2 Release 2023

Microsoft has just released new updates to Dynamics 365 CRM in the 2023 Release Wave 2 and has new capabilities featuring Microsoft’s newest AI tool: Microsoft Copilot.

In this blog I will be sharing 3 new features about lead assignment capabilities, AI-driven sales insights, and collaboration features in Microsoft Teams. With this release, sales teams will be able to better navigate the intricacies of their sales landscape.

You can read Microsofts announcement about the latest updates from Microsoft’s 2023 Release Wave 2, but for the features that I think are going to be most impactful for most sales teams, see my summary below.

Note: There are 5 different Dynamics 365 apps that serve various CRM needs. In some contexts, you may also see those products referred to as “Customer Engagement” or “CE” apps. These automation methods work the same no matter which of those apps you’re using.

Enhanced Lead Assignment Capabilities

The efficient management and assignment of leads can be the difference between a deal won or lost. The Wave 2 release introduces a more robust lead assignment mechanism.

This feature allows sales teams to not only assign and monitor lead assignment statuses more effectively, but also offer:

  • Recommendations
  • Data summarization
  • Information retrieval
  • Context-driven actions

This will help to ensure that leads are directed to the most suitable sales representative, improving the chances of conversion.

Key Insight: The Wave 2 release features for lead assignment can help you better align marketing and sales efforts, fostering a unified approach throughout the buying journey.

Microsoft Sales Copilot: AI-Driven Sales Insights

Microsoft Sales Copilot has the potential to redefine the sales landscape. With the Sales Copilot generative AI capabilities, sales teams can now access features like:

  • Email thread summarization
  • CRM update recommendations
  • Sales email composition
  • Real-time sales tips

This AI-driven approach can assist sales professionals to ensure they are equipped with timely insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and close deals more efficiently.

Key Insight: The continuous enhancement of generative AI capabilities, such as meeting summaries and real-time sales tips, empowers sales teams to navigate complex sales scenarios with confidence.

Enhanced Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Collaboration is the foundation of successful sales endeavors. The Wave 2 release amplifies collaboration capabilities, extending beyond Teams or Channel creation, such as:

  • Collaboration spaces
  • Sales Copilot experiences
  • Customer support swarming in Microsoft Teams
  • Enhanced conversation timeline in Teams

The new Sales Copilot experiences are designed to support sales teams during deal progression. This ensures that teams can collaborate seamlessly, share insights, and expedite the deal closure process.

Key Insight: The enhancements to collaboration spaces, coupled with the Sales Copilot experiences, customer support swarming, and the enhanced conversation timeline, are set to revolutionize the way sales teams interact, collaborate, and close deals.

To find out how to leverage these features for your sales organization, please connect with us.

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