New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 2

As mentioned in the previous blog post, there are new features for the newest version of Dynamics GP that came out October 1st, 2019. Microsoft has been listening to customer requests, where many of these new features are customer suggestions!

If you missed the first new features blog post, you can find it here: New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 1

1. Payroll Option to Exclude Additional Withholding Amount

In the October 2019 release – you have the option to include or exclude the additional withholding for Federal, State, and Local tax amounts. Any existing will have these settings automatically marked by default. However, you can unmark the settings and save them with the build check default ID. Then the settings will be remembered in the future. You can do special check funds without having to manually update employees who have setup additional withholding amounts.

2. Journal Entry Enhancements

The year drop-down list will now display in reverse order with the most recent year displayed first. This drop-down change is also included in Net Change Inquiry, Detail Inquiry, Summary Inquiry, and the GL Trial Balance Report options window. The second change is an added field to display the User who Posted the entry. This will display for both open and historical journal entries.

3. Long Description available for Payables Transactions

This new feature lets you enter a long description field for Payables Transactions. To enable this functionality, there is an option in Payables Setup – “Enable Long Description in Payables Transaction Entry”. When this is marked, the long description field will display in Payables Transaction Entry. The long description is a 200-character field that you can enter additional information for the transaction in. It will display on Transaction Entry, Payables Transaction Entry Zoom, and PM Transaction Inquiry. The long description will display on checks that are printed from Payables Check Entry within Payables Entry and the Payables document printed in Payables Transaction Entry. The long description will not post to the General Ledger.

4. Reprint Pay Statements

You can reprint an entire group of pay statements as duplicates. This is added to the Payroll Reprint Journals report options. You select ‘Reprint Payroll’ posting journals; Reprint Pay Statements. You select an audit trail code on the report options and the duplicate pay statements will print for all the payments made in that check run.

5. SmartList Add Date Options

There will be new search options available for filtering transactions by the Prior Month, Prior Period, Next Month, and Next Period. In previous versions you would have needed to manually select these dates and update them on your saved Favorites. Now you can save a Favorite SmartList that will displace transactions that will automatically filter based on your current user date.

More information about these features can be found here: What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019.

Stay connected and check back for blog updates on new features with the October release!

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