New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 3

As mentioned in the previous blog post, there are new features for the October 1st release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft has been listening to customer requests, where many of these features come from customer suggestions! Throughout the next few months, we will continue to release New Features in Dynamics GP blog posts.

If you missed the other new features blog post, you can find them here:

1. Display User Who Posted on Journal Entry Inquiry

The Journal Entry Inquiry and Transaction Entry zoom will both now display the user who posted the transaction in the GL. The new User Who Posted field will display the data from the USWHPSTD column in the GL20000 for current year transactions, or GL30000 for historic year transactions.

2. Expand Display for Fiscal Period Setup

The default size of the Fiscal Periods Setup window will now open large enough to display more than 12 periods without requiring additional scrolling. In the past, the window would open and display on the top 8 periods by default, and then you would be required to scroll down to see periods 9 plus.

Expand Display for Fiscal Period Setup Dynamics GP New Feature

3. Visual Cue on Edit Payment Batch Window to Show if Vendor is Setup for EFT

A new visual cue has been added to the Edit Payment Batch window to show if a Vendor is set up for EFT. This will be a huge time saver for those who have many Vendors and cannot remember which ones are set up for EFT or not. Now you can tell right away and can avoid the warning message stating that the Vendor is not set up for EFT if you accidentally select a non-EFT Vendor in this window.

4. Vendor Approval Workflow: Enable Workflow on Hold and Document Attachment

Vendors will now require approval if the Hold status is changed, or if that document is attached to the Vendor card. In previous versions, these two actions would not require the vendor to be resubmitted for approval.

5. Add Class ID to the Fixed Asset Transfer Window

With this release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can now transfer the Class ID for on asset via the Asset Transfer window. Additionally, users can now transfer the Class ID for a group of assets via the Fixed Assets Mass Transfer window. The Class ID change will be reflected in the Asset General window.

More information about these features can be found here: What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019.

Stay connected and check back for blog updates on new features with the October release!

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