New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 4

As mentioned in the previous blog post, there are new features for the October 1st release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft has been listening to customer requests, where many of these features come from customer suggestions! Throughout the next month, we will continue to release New Features in Dynamics GP blog posts.

If you missed the previous new features blog posts, you can find them here:

1. History Drop-Down Box Defaults to the Most Recent Year

The history year drop-down list will now have the most recent years listed first to help you quickly select your desired year with less scrolling in the following windows:

  • Net Change Inquiry
  • Detail Inquiry
  • Summary Inquiry
  • Journal Entry Inquiry
  • Trial Balance Report Options

2. Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date

The Item Stock Inquiry now allows you to filter your results based on a date range. A new option to Sort by Document Date, Document Type, and Document Number is also available in this window. The totals in the bottom of the Item Stock Inquiry will not change based on the date filters selected.

3. Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List

The Item Price List will now have an option to include Inactive items.

Exclude Inactive Items Dynamics GP

4. Display User ID in Item Master Table

The Item Master Table (IV00101) will now have a column (USERID) to track the User ID who last made changes to an Item. For example, if a change is made and saved in the Item Maintenance window, or if a change is rolled down from an Item Class to items, the User ID who executed this action will be listed in the column.

5. Minimize Transaction when Go To is Selected for Purchase Order that Exists

When a Payables Transaction is saved and the option to Warn if Vendor has Existing Purchase Orders is marked in payables setup, you are prompted to continue, Go To, or Cancel your action. When selecting the Go To option, your Payables transaction will minimize, rather than being closed out and deleted as it did in previous versions.

More information about these features can be found here: What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019.

Contact us if you have any questions about the new features in Dynamics GP!

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