New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 6

As mentioned in the previous blog post, there are new features for the October 1st release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft has been listening to customer requests, where many of these features come from customer suggestions! Throughout the next few weeks, we will release our last blog in our New Features in Dynamics GP series.

If you missed the other new features blog post, you can find them here:

1. Exclude Inactive Records for Human Resource Benefit and Deduction Lookups

With this release of GP, Human Resources has been enhanced to allow users to exclude inactive benefit and/or deduction codes from some HR Lookup windows. This enhancement provides the same ‘exclude inactive codes from lookups’ functionality currently available in the Payroll module.

Dynamics GP New Feature - Exclude Inactive Records

2. Employment History Reason for Change

Users can now record a reason for change via the ‘Reason’ field in the Employee Maintenance window when certain fields are modified for an employee record in Payroll and/or Human Resources. These changes can be viewed after the fact in the Employee History Inquiry window. The following fields now allow users to specify a reason for change in the Employee Maintenance window:

  • Last Day Worked
  • Hire Date
  • Adjusted Hire Date
  • Reason

3. Payroll Integration to Payables: Add Remit to Address in Setup

Users can now specify a vendor Remit to Address in the Payroll Vendor Setup window. This feature will be beneficial to use in conjunction with Vendors that have multiple ‘Remit to’ address that are used on a regular basis. The ‘Remit to Address’ field in the Vendor Setup window will be the ‘Remit to Address’ used on the voucher created in Payables Management.

Dynamics GP New Feature - Add Remit

4. Payroll Integration to Payables Voucher Report and Payable Voucher Edit List Report

Users can now print the Payroll Integration to Payables Voucher Edit list, as well as the Payables Voucher report as part of a computer check pay run. The Payables Voucher Edit List report allows users to gain visibility into what vouchers will be created payables prior to posting the pay run. The Payables Voucher Edit is printed after the Precheck Report (aka Calculate Checks report) and prior to when checks are printed. The main advantage is that this report is available BEFORE the posting process, allowing users visibility into what is going to happen prior to posting.

Dynamics GP New Feature - Payroll

5. Deduction and Benefit Quick Assignments

Users can now assign benefit and/or deduction codes to employees in mass at the Payroll/Human Resources Setup level. The Quick Code Assignment window has been added to accommodate the new ‘Deduction and Benefit Quick Assignment’ functionality.

To open the Quick Code Assignment window: on the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, highlight Tolls, select Setup, point to one of the Payroll of Human Resources Benefit or Deduction Setup windows, and click on GoTo Quick Code Assignment.

Dynamics GP New Feature - Quick Assign

More information about these features can be found here: What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019.

Stay connected and check back for blog updates on new features with the October release!

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