New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 7

As mentioned in the previous blog posts, there are new features for the October 1st release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft has been listening to customer requests, where many of these features come from customer suggestions! This is the final posting for the New Features in Dynamics GP blog series. Make sure you look at all 7 blog posts to get an idea of what’s new on the latest version!

If you missed the other new features blog post, you can find them here:

1. More than 32 Report Options in Report Group

In the Report Group window, you now can have more than 32 report options listed/available to you, where in prior versions only 32 reports were allowed in a group. This functionality was added for all the Report Group windows under all modules: System, Company, Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Payroll, and Project.

2. Ability to Change Approvers for an Active Workflow Task

Functionality has been added to give the user the ability in Workflow to change approvers on an existing workflow task that is active and has current documents pending approval from that approver. This could be used if an Approver has left the company and they have active workflows. It’s also is useful for when someone is on vacation, or unexpectedly gone and Workflow items need approval.

3. Web Client Excel Copy and Paste General Ledger Journal

You can now import journal entry lines from an Excel file using the Paste button on the menu bar of the General Ledger Transaction Entry window. Just like the desktop client, the format of the data in your Excel file is the same with the exception that you must not have a header line on your file.


Dynamics GP - Web Client Excel Incorrect


Dynamics GP - Web Client Excel Correct

4. Web Client – More Keyboard Shortcuts Allowed

ALT+F: Activates the File menu in a GP window

ALT+E: Activates the Edit menu in a GP window

ALT+H: Activates the Help menu

Ctrl+P: Print

Ctrl+W: Close the current window

Tab: Move to next field

Shift+Tab: Move to previous field Enter: Default button on a window

Alt + X: Tools option on browser window (IE)

Alt + D: Address Bar in browser window (IE)

Alt: Toolbar (File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help) on browser window (IE)

Ctrl + 1: Home page is displayed

Ctrl + 2: Financial area page displays

Ctrl + 3: Sales area page displays

Ctrl + 4: Purchasing area page displays

Ctrl + 5: Administration area page displays

Ctrl + 6: Inventory area page displays

Ctrl + 7: HR & Payroll area page displays

Ctrl + 8: Manufacturing area page displays

Ctrl + 9: Project area page displays

Windows specific keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+E: Open Item Detail

Ctrl+D: Display Vendor Item Detail

Ctrl+T: Create Temporary Vendor

Ctrl+M: Purchasing Invoice Entry — Open Match Shipments to Invoice

Ctrl+Q: Quick Print

More information about these features can be found here: What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019.

Contact us if you have any questions about the new features in Dynamics GP!

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