New Features in Prophix 11 SP3

Prophix 11 SP3 is now available! I got an email today outlining the key new features available in this release, and it was a great reminder to share this with all of you.

Service Pack 3 is the third major update to Prophix 11 since it was released, which saw the introduction of new capabilities to enhance your user experience including: Template Studio, Workflow Manager, Prophix Mobile, and a general interface refresh.

Prophix 11, SP3 brings new innovations in data visualization and several usability enhancements you asked for to further improve your productivity.

Key additions and changes in this release are:

  • New Favorites Manager provides the ability for Administrators to easily manage all aspects of Favorites across the user base
  • Template Studio now includes new data visualization capabilities
  • Template Studio now highlights referenced cells using coloring when adding/editing cell formulas
  • Maximize option in Account formula editor dialog
  • Improvements to template cell auto formatting
  • Fewer clicks required to enter a new cell comment
  • Fewer clicks to preview a template in Template Studio design mode
  • New Find option in Template Studio runtime (Data Entry or Report mode)
  • New paste option in Template Studio design mode where the user can paste the conditional format from another cell
  • Audit Log now tracks changes in Template Studio
  • When saving a report to Excel, the visible flag on a Page Hierarchy Group is now honored
  • Option to turn on or off the automated DP Post after a Detailed Planning workflow task submit action
  • Detailed Planning Schedule “Update” button now accounts for all allocations and actions when posting to the “Finance cube”
  • Workflow Project Status page remembers the chart you last viewed (either Activity flow or Gantt chart)
  • Compatibility with SQL Server 2014

Consult the release notes to review the full list of enhancements and changes at

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