New Features in SmartList Builder and SmartList Designer Dynamics GP Add-ons

I would like to further add to Melissa’s last 2 blogs regarding the GPUG Executive Briefing in Fargo on November 14th and 15th.  It was great to have the opportunity to meet some of the key GPUG team members and put faces to names that I see involved with the GPUG webinar events. I try to take in as many of these webinars as my calendar will allow and appreciate the fact that most are recorded to enable learning on demand.

The GP2013 general session highlighted some of the Dynamcis GP 2013 SP2 features that have already been released. In particular, the Smartlist Designer and Smartlist Splitter. The second day break-out sessions included a presentation from Nicole Albertson of eOne solutions highlighting Smartlist Builder (my favourite add-on tool for reporting!) and the new features coming out in a January release. For those of you that participate in GPUG Smartlist Mondays, Nicole is our Smartlist guru including all of the builder tools.

SmartList Designer allows you to create reports based on tables found in Microsoft Dynamics GP and any third party application.  You can create new SmartLists or copy an existing SmartList. When you are creating your report, SmartList Designer gives you a nice Result Preview of the data without going into the report so you know if you have joined the tables correctly or even have the right tables required.


Plus, SmartList now has the capability to collapse and expand the left navigation pane and splitter views that are really cool, allowing you more desktop for viewing the Smartlist results!

Smartlist Builder will have a table finder and also a ‘New’  button on the Smartlist window that will allow you to modify an original object instead of always having to create new ones, particularly useful when you only have a small change to make for example.

This brings to question the differences between the Designer and the Builder. You can check out this blog post that explains the differences.

Until next time, happy reporting!

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