New Look – Same Encore!

You might have noticed… Encore looks a little different! This October, we proudly launched a rebranded visual identity, including a new logo, new colour palette, and new website.  This project was about a year in the making, and a large number of people had an impact on the project at some point. We’d like to start off by thanking every single person who helped bring our new brand to life.

Encore’s last rebrand was executed 15 years ago. In that time, Encore has added several product lines, dozens of employees, and two offices. In addition, Encore’s old visual brand had been subject to many individual interpretations and treatments, as well as at least two colour palette changes.  Over time, our brand had become fragmented; and with so much growth in our organization – the “outside” didn’t exactly match the “inside”.

We started searching for a creative agency in October 2015 to assist us with the transition. After consulting more than 15 RFP responses, we selected Burnkit in Vancouver, BC as our partner.  It is their skill that produced Encore’s new brand system and website.

About the New Logo


Our new logo is comprised of a stylized lowercase “e” and an “encore” wordmark.  With two minimal elements, the “e” symbolizes many of the concepts that Encore stands for:

  • Efficiency;
  • Elevation and transformation – progression to a higher state;
  • Partnerships, and two parts making one;
  • Problem solving and discovery, in the way the viewer must complete the “e”.

Our new colours, typeface, brand system, and website were all constructed with the goal of supporting the logo’s meaning, while appearing smart, fun, competent, high energy, caring, uncompromising, and trustworthy.

What now? It’s business as usual. Encore will continue pushing forward in all aspects of our business; from enhancing our custom-developed software, to completing ongoing implementation projects (and starting new ones), to supporting our many customers across Canada and beyond. New look – same Encore!

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