New Microsoft Teams Transcription Feature

The new Transcription feature in Microsoft Teams is alone well worth the price of admission. As someone who frequently performs technology sales consultations, eliciting high-level requirements and note-taking at the same time can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to run a Teams meeting, be present, and take accurate notes. I don’t like to take my notes in the Teams meeting itself as everyone can see it, so I’m usually flipping between OneNote and Teams, which is clumsy at best.

Teams Transcription

What Transcription does is open a panel on the right that will transcribe what is being said and by whom. If you were the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording and transcription, you can locate and download the file after the meeting’s conclusion. The file will also be time-stamped to the Streams recording. This is an invaluable tool for anyone needing to take notes or minutes during a meeting while participating at the same time. Here is the full documentation:

During any scheduled Teams meeting, you can start a live transcription of participant speech. The text appears alongside the meeting video or audio in real time, including the speaker’s name (unless they chose to hide it) and a time stamp.

Teams Transcription

Start Live Transcription

  • Select More options (3 dots) in your meeting controls and then select Start transcription.
Teams Transcription

Tip: If you also want to record the meeting, select More options again and then select Start recording.

All participants see a notice that the meeting is being transcribed.

The transcript appears on the right side of your screen. The other meeting participants have the option of showing or hiding it.

  • Select More options in the meeting controls and then select either Show transcript or Hide transcript.

Note: Obscenities will be starred out.

Stop Live Transcription

The meeting organizer and presenters can stop and then restart transcription during the meeting.

  • Select More options and then select Stop transcription.

The transcription stops automatically when all participants leave the meeting.

Download the Saved Transcript

When the meeting is over, the transcript is immediately available in the meeting event on the calendar. Meeting participants can download it as either a .vtt or .docx file.

  1. Select Calendar  on the left in Teams.
  2. Open the meeting event and select the transcript.
  3. Above the transcript, select Download  and then choose the file type you want.
Teams Transcription

Tip: After the meeting, along with the transcript, any other available meeting-related items (attached docs, meeting notes, the recording) will also be available from the Details  tab when you open the meeting event.

Make the Transcript Available to Mobile Participants

Uploading the transcript to chat makes it available to meeting participants who joined from a mobile device.

  1. Download the transcript to your computer.
  2. In the meeting chat, select Attach  beneath the compose box and then upload the transcript.

To Access the Transcript from Mobile

  1. Go to the meeting’s chat history.
  2. Tap More  at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Files.

If you have any questions about using Transcription or other features in Teams, please connect with us.

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