New Subscription Billing Feature For Dynamics GP 2015 – Contract Price Mass Update!

Encore’s very popular Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on, Subscription Billing has another new great feature! We’re at it again adding new functionality to benefit users and there’s one in particular that I wanted to blog about. It’s the recent addition of the “Contract Price Mass Update”.

Do you have the need to update prices on a group of items set to Contract Pricing?

If so, Subscription Billing now has a way to do just that! This new Contract Price Mass update window will allow you to update the prices on a group of contracts…

SB Contract Price Mass Update1.

You can select the contracts to be updated based on ranges or Month of Contract Start Date. You can set the price increase based on a percentage or a dollar amount and you can also select how the rounding will work. After you have made your selections you can hit the preview button and all contract lines in the specified criteria will be displayed. Then you must select the contracts you want to be updated or select all and only the selected contracts will be updated.

Contracts can be selected to update based on different ranges, such as:

  • Item number – All contract lines containing items in the range will be shown
  • Customer ID – All contracts for a specific customer will be shown
  • Contract Number – All contract lines belonging to the contracts in the range will be displayed
  • Contract Class – All Contract lines belonging to the contracts in the class range will be displayed
  • Next Bill Date – All contract lines belonging to the contracts that are set to be billed in the range will be displayed

Another option is to select the month of contract start date. This can be used when price levels are increased on the anniversary of a contract and can be used in combination with the other filters.

You can set the amount to be increased as a percentage of the original prices (ex. a 10% increase), or specified as a dollar amount (ex. $1.00 on all items in the range).

Rounding options: The default settings are to round half up and round to the nearest penny. With this, setting price increases will be rounded to the nearest penny and rounded up when .5 cents or more. You can also choose to always round up or always round down and the round to amount can be set to whatever value that you want.

After you have made your selection options press the preview button and the window will be filled with the items selected and the proposed changes. Then you can select the items that you want to be updated and press the commit button and you are done.

As an example (below) I have selected all items where the next bill date is in the month of May and set a 5% price increase. Next I selected the lines that I want the price increase to apply to.

SB Contract Price Mass Update2.

The expansion button will show additional details including the Customer ID, Item number, Contract number and the quantity ordered.

SB Contract Price Mass Update3.

The only thing left to do is click the Commit button which will update the prices on all of the lines selected, then they will be ready with the price change for the next billing cycle.

Ta da! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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