5 Things You Might Not Know are Included in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office, now more commonly referred to as Office 365, has changed a lot in the past few years and months (even weeks) . This has culminated in the relase of Office 2016. For those of you that may be out of the loop, here are 5 tools that you might not know are included:

1. Office 365 Video

Office 365 is all about the cloud.  Since Microsoft has made huge strides in online file storage and portals, such as OneDrive for Business, they are using this knowledge to bring you your own internal “YouTube” type of service.

Now, anyone in your company can upload a video to share with the rest of your team, and this video can be accessed throughout the rest of your Microsoft environment with tools like viewing rights, security, Delve, and Yammer (read on!).  This solution is perfect for retaining institutional memory through training videos and more.


2. Sway

Sway is a cutting edge tool that allows you to create a microsite (mini website) in minutes.  It’s kind of like a modern, online PowerPoint.  It’s incredibly easy to style, and Sway allows you to build out web content for presentations and public access faster than ever.


3. Delve

Delve is a personalized work content discovery service. Delve identifies the relationships within your organization and identifies who you’re working with, what you’re working on, and what you need to know – and then serves you this content in an easy to use web interface.  It will surface things like email attachments, O365 Video, Yammer posts, and more.


4. Yammer

Yammer is a social network just for your workplace.  It’s kind of like Facebook – but only people from your company can join, and just about everything stays within the scope of your organization.  What Yammer does is it opens up streams of communication between people who might not interact on a day-to-day basis.

You can pose open questions or updates to the entire company, and someone in another department or even across the world can chime in with their perspective.  Yammer promises to free up your inbox from tons of company-wide emails, while still allowing you to contribute and stay in the loop on your terms.



5. Online Everything

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now work exactly like you might think of Google Docs – online and multi user editing, with automatic revisions.  But there’s more! O365 plugs directly into your Active Directory and the rest of the Microsoft Stack, which means that everything is covered by your institutional security policies and accessible via OneDrive for Business. Awesome!


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