Should You Outsource Payroll or Process It In-House with Dynamics GP?

From a Canadian Payroll point of view, I don’t always understand outsourcing. You do most of the same work, except you pay someone else to click ‘Post’. Then you pay them for any additional reporting (and have to wait for it until it is almost too late). In addition you have very little control to ensure everything is working as it should. If there are mistakes and you need to void and reissue a payment you will see nothing but $$$.

There are a couple of reasons why outsourcing might be necessary; Payroll department’s lack of payroll knowledge (CRA requirements or IRS) and Accounts Payable lack of desire to ensure the government statutory payments are paid on time and, well, that would be it.

The biggest con to using Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll is that it is incredibly setup intensive – that is if you make it work efficiently for your system! But once it is set up it should run smoothly and is fairly easy to maintain.

So really cost and timely information should be huge deciding factors as outsourcing is typically more expensive unless you got a special and are hanging onto that rate!

GP is an amazing ERP….and in Dynamics GP 2013 it is all included in the price… so why not keep as much as possible under the same roof?

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