Partner Spotlight on: Metafile

Encore Elevate was held across 4 cities this year: Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Seattle. Along with valuable networking, training, and hands-on learning, we were happy to partner with third party solution providers like Metafile, who provides the solution Metaviewer, to help your system run even better. Watch this webinar recording with Metafile and Encore about Metaviewer RPA for Dynamics.

Today’s businesses are constantly looking for ways to make their processes and procedures more efficient, streamlined and automated. That’s why MetaViewer – a state-of-the-art business process automation/document management solution ­– integrates with Encore’s Project Tracking add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. MetaViewer provides all of the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), including full visibility of documents and business processes, enhanced efficiency, elimination of manual data entry, substantial ROI and a competitive edge in your industry. You gain more control over your business, eradicate inconsistencies and automate your approval workflow – all with the same automated solution.

Built to meet the needs of the modern business, MetaViewer integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, helping end-users perform everyday tasks with greater proficiency and accuracy. MetaViewer is essential for companies looking to eliminate manual data entry and go fully paperless with a solution that is customizable, easily expands across the entire enterprise, and is tailored to your unique business rules and processes. It captures invoice data, eliminates repetitive processes and makes documents and data readily available for better expense management. Just imagine how these efficiencies will help you and your department capitalize on early payment discounts, reduce invoice processing costs, gain a competitive advantage, and improve vendor and internal relations.

The power of MetaViewer RPA captures electronic and paper invoices from practically anywhere. It eliminates tedious data entry and routes documents to the proper approver, allowing you to reallocate employee time to more pertinent and strategic tasks. Automatic workflow routing delivers a smooth process and full visibility. Relying on paper increases errors and often leads to lost documents, lengthy approval delays and limited file access. MetaViewer alerts you of bottlenecks, provides real-time status emails, two- and three-way matching, and automated GL coding into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The team of MetaViewer and Microsoft Dynamics GP also gives you a real-time view into your entire AP process. MetaViewer tracks every step of every transaction, giving your AP process complete transparency. Real-time dashboards show delays, chart color changes alert you of problem areas and what’s due so that payments are getting out your door on-time (or even early) and in the hands of your vendors.

Encore offers customizable features for a seamless connection between financials and project activities and, like MetaViewer, can be tailored for nearly any business. The integration between MetaViewer, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Encore offers expanded grid views and configuration flexibility, while still accommodating all the power of Encore and advanced features of MetaViewer’s automated workflow, allowing executives to make more data-driven decisions.

Ready to eliminate your tactical processes and become a more efficient and paperless workplace? You need a team of tech on your side, and MetaViewer, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Encore have you covered. Contact us for more information.

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