Personalize your Relationship Management with SwiftRM (Video)



Hi, my name is Ray from Encore Business Solutions and today we’re gonna talk to you about SwiftRM.

Do you currently manage relationships? How do you manage those? Do you manage those in Excel? Do you manage those in Outlook? What about other people that are managing relationships for the same customers and contacts? Where are they managing those? Do you have visibility into consolidated view of all those activities?

If this is something that you’re struggling with, SwiftRM is the solution for you.

So what is SwiftRM? SwiftRM is a solution that is built on Dynamics 365. It allows you to capture and manage unlimited contacts in unlimited accounts. And within a three-day deployment, you would have a solution that is set up and configured to your environment.

It is also very cost-effective in the sense that it is a per user per month price and it is cloud-based. The solution is also personalized to meet your requirements. SwiftRM leverages the rest of the office suite of products in the sense that it integrates to Word, Excel, and Outlook. Tools that you’re probably already using today.

Also, take SwiftRM on the road with you with mobile access to contacts and accounts and activities you can update any information anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about SwiftRM, go to and click on the get started button.

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