How to Plan for Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a wide variety of options when it comes to setting up security so there are a few options that you should consider when preparing to configure it.

Who are the users that need to be set up?

  • What companies do they need to work with?
  • What is their job?
  • What reports do they need access to?
  • What transactions will they need to do?
  • Are they allowed to post?
  • Should they be able to configure the system?
  • Is there anything that they are not allowed to see?
  • Are they a read-only user?

Dynamics GP has a number of levels of security that can be looked at:

1) System

Setting up of the global system preferences such as:

  1. New users
  2. User security

2) Company

When a new user is created in GP, they don’t have access to any of the GP companies. Company access will need to be granted.

3) Security Tasks

Security tasks are assigned to specific roles and they give users access to the following:

  1. Reports
  2. Windows
  3. Files

Dynamics GP comes with a number of pre-defined tasks that can be used within the system but new tasks can be created to accommodate your specific business needs.

4) Security Roles

Security Roles are a compilation of tasks that a user needs to accomplish their jobs. This ensures that they have all the appropriate access to the windows, reports, and files associated with their position.

5) User Security

When a user is created or modified, they can be assigned company access, security roles, and report access to modified forms and reports.

6) Modular Security

Each module has additional security built into. In the setups for the module, passwords can be setup for specific tasks and restrictions can be created such as:

  1. Dollar Amount Limits for Transactions
  2. Deleting Transactions
  3. Voiding Transactions
  4. Editing Transactions that have been printed

There are other ways that security can be restricted in GP:

1) Account Level Security: This can be used to restrict user access to the chart of accounts. It limits the accounts that a user can view/select when entering transactions and looking at information.

2) Field Level Security: this allows users to restrict access to specific fields, buttons, windows, and forms in GP. This gets very detailed.

Making use of all of these features is a great way to ensure best practices are being followed across your organization.

If you need help with securing your Dynamics GP implementation – don’t hesitate to contact us.



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