Possible ROE Issues After December 2015 Tax Update

We have heard from Microsoft that you may experience some trouble with the following ROE processes after installing the Tax update.

If you are not experiencing problems you will not need to do anything.

If you are experiencing difficulties and they are not listed here, please provide us a detailed account of your problem, along with screenshots, and if possible your XML file.  We will ensure Microsoft receives it and adds the fix to the next patch. Microsoft is hoping to have a new release to address these ROE issues by January 20th, but this date is not set in stone.

1. The Postal code is a required field, but it is not populating correctly.

Workaround: Manually key it in.  Make sure to leave it in the Address field if you are printing the Prep reports.



2. 17a fields for Start Date and End Date are incorrect –The 17a fields for vacation pay will fail validation against the schema. The fields SDT and EDT are 0000-00-00 in the supplied file.

For vacation pay of code 2, “Paid because no longer working” the start and end date fields’ values are not specified.  They should be blank instead.  The code will not write to these fields unless the Vacation Type is either 3 “Paid for a Vacation Leave period” or 4 “Anniversary (paid on a specific date each year)”.

This will only affect you if you choose “Paid because no longer working” and if you are filing your ROE electronically.

Workaround: Edit the XML before submitting.


3. This has been a rare occurrence but is something you may run into. The Employer Name and address have been moved off the ROE window which is fine, but they are still marked as required fields, even though they are not showing on this window.  If the address isn’t entered on the employer (not employee) card you will get an error about required fields.

Workaround:  Verify there is an employer number entered on the Employee Card (Cards > Employee) and then go to the Employer Number Setup window (Setup > Employer) and make sure that you have all the Employer Address information populated so it will default to the ROE tables when creating ROEs.

4. The French ROE window is not pretty and needs to be fixed.

5. ROE Prep report boxes are not aligned. Mainly box 16.

Workaround:  Import the attached a package file.  Don’t forget to enable using this modified form in your Alternate Modified Forms & Reports.

6. Due to the table changes, the forms and reports are not running through utilities properly when updating your modified Forms & Reports. You may see an error on the upgrade of them.

Workaround:  This does not seem to make a difference.  Unless you have other Forms & Reports that provide errors you can ignore this error.

7. ROE Pop up warning after clicking Save “Last Day for which paid should have been within the past 14 days”

Workaround: Click Continue.  It is just a warning and won’t affect your ROE.

8. Box 17a Changing order of elements within the 17a block

9. The Issue tag should be D (Draft) not S (Submitted) so you can still change it on the Service Canada site (how it worked before)

Work around:  Don’t create the XML file until you are certain it is correct or modify the XML file and change the S to D before submitting.


10. The Expected date of recall tag should be a U and not S.

Workaround:  Modify the XML file before submitting.

This was not broken in my system.  But just a heads up that it may be broken in yours.  If you mark the Unknown date of recall this tag should be U.

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